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" Victoria pushes me beyond what I thought I was capable of " - NH
" VFIT is the best mental & physical therapy " - PM

VFIT is Dedicated to Support you and hold you through your health journey! 

I am Victoria, founder of VFIT, and a

Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association [ISSA].


I am a firm believer that your mind and your body have to be on the same page for success. Just like calories, you want to limit the negative thoughts coming in and put out more positive thoughts for a more fulfilled & healthy life. Your body reacts to your thoughts, so be nice to yourself! You're already on the right path.


I have battled with my weight for the majority of my life. It wasn't until I FULLY committed myself to working hard, adding weight training to my routine,  and preparing my meals that results began to show! The choice I made to take control of my decisions and put in the work completely transformed my body, my mind, and my life! 

YOU can do it too! 

With the help of VFIT, you can take control of your life and transform your body and mind into a more positive and strong version of yourself.


Let's get to work! 

Create healthy Habits

" I lost a lot of weight, a lot of inches, and I gained more strength " - MF

VFIT is dedicated to catering to your fitness goals by creating an INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM

designed just for YOU! 

VFIT is personal training where you will test your physical limits with weight training, plyometrics, strength & conditioning training all geared toward building muscle, burning fat, and achieving goals.

WHAT'S The program?

  • One-on-one sessions @ CFIT or virtual via FaceTime/Skype

  • Full access to all equipment @ CFIT 

  • Individualized training program

  • Weekly weigh in 

  • Body composition measurements/photos

  • Killer workouts!

  • 100% dedication to your fitness journey! 

January 2019 - February 2020
April 2018 - January 2019

VFIT travels to your home for your individualized training session!

You get a great workout in the comfort of your own home; no commute time, no traffic, no sweat!...well, maybe a little sweat ;)


You provide the space...we provide the equipment!

WHAT'S the program?

  • Convenience of VFIT at your door

  • Individualized training program

  • Body composition measurements/photos

  • Equipment provided

  • 100% dedication to your fitness journey! 

Coaching you through your health & fitness journey! Accountability - taking responsibility for your  actions and reactions - is the key to success. When it comes to your health and fitness, it's easy to put the blame on something else due to boredom, exhaustion, and complacency. That stops today! VFIT's Accountability program is designed to set you up for achieving your goals and learning new behaviors that will last as well as flow over into other aspects of your life!


VFIT gives you the tools, holds you accountable, and creates your foundation before you are ready to do it on your own. It's time to start doing what you say you'll "start on Monday" right now! 

what's the program?
November 2019  --
-- May 2020
Back to basics
  • 3 week 100% commitment

  • Strict VFIT clean food meal plan

  • Daily check in for meals & workouts

  • Weekly weigh in (at home)
  • Progress Photo (at home)
  • Full body reset! 
  • Break all unhealthy food habits!
  • Change your mindset & relationship with food!

level up

  • Must complete Basics Program

  • Monthly commitment

  • Introduce new foods into your VFIT clean food meal plan

  • Daily check ins from the Basics program continue

  • Full support from your coach to get you on track to go on your own!

  • Build the confidence to hold yourself accountable!

  • Must Complete Basics & Level Up Programs

  • Monthly commitment 

  • More relaxed menu

  • Less frequent check ins

  • Support  & encouragement from your coach with nudges to guide you 

  • Monthly progress photo 

  • Stay on Maintenance until you are ready to hold yourself accountable!

Phase 1
Phrase 2
Phrase 3
VFIT works!
204 Ballymore Road. Springfield, Pa. 19064 |
*There is risk of injury associated with participating and using CFIT-Fitness LLC [CFIT].
CFIT/VFIT does not assume responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that may incur while attending, exercising or participating in CFIT/VFIT.
By attending classes or sessions you waive all claims against CFIT/VFIT, it's instructors, or partners of individually or otherwise, for any and all injuries, claims or damages that may incur. 
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